Factual Reassurance Is What People Want Today

Over the past several years Brain Surgery’s research has revealed a trend among the various audiences that have participated in surveys. That trend is to have “just the facts” in a reassuring tone that is “about me and not the company” from marketers.

This quest for the facts without any color is an increasing need, customers and prospects have grown tired of marketing and sales bravado so much so that they are hungry for the facts. They want to make intelligent buying decisions and believe that it is the company’s responsibility to arm them with the right information delivered in the right way.

The right way is to feel reassured versus sold, which means that the customer does not want “over the top” language. Rather, they would prefer language in selling and marketing messages that helps them, reassures them, and makes them feel the company is more interested in their problems or issues.

Part of this quest for the factual truth with no color is due to the availability of information. The other part is born from frustration with the constant barrage of marketing and selling messages that daily appear in the mail, on television, in the office. This invasion of their environment in volume has made people go the other way, they are tuning out marketers.

People grow more and more knowledgeable every year, and they have more information at their fingertips. As a result they are on a quest for “things that work for me, and work in my life”. The result is challenging for any marketer, they must learn to be customer centric in their language, they have to understand what is annoying as well as what is attractive, and they have to act on it by delivering the right message and tone that is more about the customer than about the company.