A Little Bit About Us


John Carr


John has been a pioneer in understanding emotion-based information and the effect emotions have on purchase motivations and behavior. He has helped companies understand how to utilize such information to dramatically increase/optimize revenues, improve overall performance, increase their ability to meet and exceed projections, and discover competitive opportunities. John works closely with clients to help them operationalize the Brain Surgery findings so that teams can optimize their strategies and executions.

Prior to starting Brain Surgery, he spent fifteen years working for advertising agencies and in Strategic Consulting.

Stephen M. Blaising

Vice Chairman/Chief Marketing Officer

Steve has been a leader in the discovery methods and utilization of emotion-based behavior motivation information since the early 90’s and has worked with the leading pioneers in “emotion based insights” and the application of modern neuroscience to marketing.

Steve has learned that you need to understand the interdependency of emotion and reason to truly understand how to affect behavior and optimize engagement. Understanding an audiences emotion mindset allows us to uncover the emotion drivers® that must be fulfilled in order to optimize attraction (emotional attraction equals an audiences level of engagement with a brand or offering).

Prior to Brain Surgery Steve spent 19 years in the advertising agency world and has lectured on the “role of emotion based insights” domestically and internationally and is on the Advisory Board at Indiana University’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

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Leadership Team/Advisory Board

Global Psychs

Brain Surgery’s international psychiatrists/psychologists are all thought leaders in their respective countries attached to a major University.

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