What Clients say

They have helped us position and launch a number of very important brands. Their tools are very accurate, innovative and easy to work with and they now have psychologists in over 13 countries. I often like to say that they offer: “Innovation you can trust and Innovation that is validated”. They are good partners to have on your team.


I got really great feedback on the presentation. The brand team actually said it was the most valuable information they have ever gotten from a research presentation. They also commented on how passionate John was, which was fantastic.

Johnson Johnson

You did a “very good” job of getting insights that they we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten using an “interviewer” technique. We now see a real value in this technique and its ability to extract data that they can’t get in a group setting. Really like how you put the audience into “mindset” buckets.


While American Express has used a host of qualitative approaches (depth interviews, ethnography) to plumb respondents’ emotional depths, qualitative doesn’t allow for projectability. The Brain Surgery approach, which aims to quantify feelings and emotions, takes a step toward that aim. “It’s important to get information on respondents’ rational mindset during research but choices are often made on an emotional comfort level and we wanted to get beneath the surface and be able to explore the feelings. The Brain Surgery technique does that and also gives us the language that consumers use.

American Express

Brain Surgery’s work uncovers the role of emotions, which is very different from other methods. It truly gave us the answer and their results are easy to use. Not only do they stick with you and hold workshops, I’ve even had them out in the field with my reps. They are superior and a large reason our brand has grown


Top 10 reasons from Pharmaceutical Sr. Market Research Director

  1. Use to gain insights any customer, not just consumers, but physicians and any other groups-dealers etc.
  2. Provides a integrated understanding of the benefit ladders for your product/service, emotional triggers, motivating messages, linguistic insights (ie important words to use).
  3. Gets you to a platform for message development in one quick step in the past we have conducted many market research projects to get all this information)
  4. Timely – 6 weeks from start to final presentation
  5. Not expensive – 300 physicians = $225,000
  6. Great customer service from Brain Surgery team
  7. Brian Surgery team has a great balance of market research and advertising background which means they are great at helping make the market research actionable for the ad agency
  8. Brain Surgery team provides a wealth of knowledge on successes and pitfalls.
  9. Brain Surgery team is willing to continue working relationship (at no extra cost) to guide ad agency/brand agency/entire team through remaining steps in campaign development (message development and creative assessments), even if they are not doing the research
  10. We would use them again in a heartbeat and hope that you get a chance to!