Where We Are Used

Brain Surgery’s tools tools are used to uncover the emotional engagement to any product, service, situation, company and/or special issue.

Typically Brain Surgery is called upon to help facilitate change. One of the principle outputs of the Brain Surgery approach is the identification and quantification of emotional engagement mindset groups within any marketplace.


This analysis yields what percentage of the market is “un-attracted or negative minded, apathetic or neutral minded, maybe (almost attracted), and attracted to a brand, why these mindsets exist and details on the profile of each mindset group. These mindset groups set up a unique targeting strategy designed to increase marketplace effectiveness. Targeting emotional mindsets as part of the communications strategy means makes positioning and messaging more effective. We have significant experience in launching new products, dealing with new competitors or any other change that has occurred in the marketplace.

Brain Surgery offers the Emotion Drivers®

Brain Surgery will uncover the 3-5 reasons (choice criteria) in the mind of the audience that must be fulfilled in order to optimize attraction to any brand. Emotion Drivers® includes identification of emotional engagement mindsets (like minded groups typically integrated with our clients’ segmentation), testing of positioning elements, messages, concepts, advertising, detail guides and all forms of communication. Providing emotion based behavior insights and messaging that enhances engagement optimizing brand performance

We work in 29 countries

USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Austria, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. We have psychologists located in each country and all translations are done “in country”.