Why Emotions Matter

Why Emotions Are Important-Understanding the Emotion-Reason Connection (and it’s Affect on Choices, Decisions and Action)

Emotions connect to and prioritize reasons directing behavior (people feel emotions within 10-20 milliseconds and think consciously about what they experience almost 500 milliseconds later).

The Brain Surgery tools are designed look at emotions and reasons together as they co-mingle in someone’s mind. The emotion reason connection reveals what causes someone to make decisions.

In typical research respondents do not reveal their emotions easily because they have to feel comfortable, in control of the survey experience, in their own setting, anonymous (no interviewer) and be guided by contextual frames of reference versus direct questions.
By understanding this emotion reason connection Brain Surgery is able to clearly define what causes attraction and what causes un-attraction (negativity). This type of analysis delivers the real priorities in the language of the customer.

Typically the real reasons and thoughts can be censored and the truth about what that person really thinks is never expressed. This “censoring” can happen in settings where an interviewer is present or where the “hypothesized” attitude or message is presented for confirmation (using predetermined stimulus) or where direct questions are asked causing the respondent to over consciously think about an answer. As a result, even the most effectively researched brands miss key nuances that will be significant in optimizing opportunities.

The Brain Surgery tools are designed to understand how emotions connect to and reveal those reasons that people use to evaluate their decision to purchase or their choice to act.

Researching customers through this “emotion first” methodology yields powerful information about how the mind makes decisions. By understanding the emotion/reason connection and how it creates a “choice criteria” in a customer’s mind, Brain Surgery is able to deliver insight that helps drive optimal results in virtually any marketplace.