We Follow the Natural Neural Process

Following the Neural Loop

Our innovative hybrid approach aligns with the brain’s natural neural loop. The Brain Surgery process of gathering emotion and reason together reveals both automatic brain information (non-conscious) and conscious brain information providing the whole picture a key to understanding behavior.

Emotion Needs Reason

Choices, decisions and behavior are the result of Emotion and Reason functioning together (not independently). They are connected with the emotion firing first and marking the reason which drives; choice, decision and behavior.

Uncovering Why

We uncover the “Why” behind choices, decisions and behavior. When a respondent uses their own language to describe why they feel an emotion, it illuminates what will cause behavior.

Emotion Based Insights Provide Optimal Attraction

Predictive- Why Our Insights Work

Experience – Over 300 brands in 29 countries

Expert At Hard to Reach Audiences


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About Brain Surgery

Brain Surgery is a marketing knowledge firm focused on providing emotion based behavior insights, to determine emotional engagement and how that affects positioning, messaging and tactical execution for marketers.

Our service is designed to help marketers be more precise in developing market positioning and messages that will enhance attraction/engagement to their brands. The approach brings together aspects of qualitative research in a quantitative study and was created to capture information from respondents while their prefrontal cortex is active (where reasons are prioritized by emotions and decisions are made). This method obtains a more accurate disclosure from respondents in their “language” which is instrumental in optimizing both positioning and message platforms. The output yield emotional engagement mindset groups (attracted, maybe, apathetic and un-attracted toward the brand). We use this model to set up the strategy for positioning and message platforms, (moving less attracted mindset groups towards a more attracted posture).

The Emotion Drivers®; or Choice Criteria in the brain is created using a mathematical model designed to maximize attraction and details what must be fulfilled in the mind of the audience to cause a decision to purchase. The Brain Surgery tools offer three measures of predictive validity. Outputs have also been validated in numerous simulated market tests and in those tests messages created using the Brain Surgery method have consistently outperformed messages built from other methods by a 3 to 1 margin.

In order to ensure the best possible outcome we provide workshops as a part of every assignment to help brand teams understand how to execute using the findings. Brain Surgery was founded in 2003 and now has worked in 29 countries.

Let us help you optimize your brand’s performance by inspiring the right marketplace behavior by utilizing Emotion Drivers®.

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Why Brain Surgery?


Predictive, fast and affordable (yes, you get all three). Our innovative approach typically provides answers that would require 3-4 traditional approaches. The output yields decision making information that stimulates innovative audience centric thinking.

Aligned with Neuroscience

Neuroscience has revealed that emotion and reason work in an interdependent way when anyone is making a decision. The Brain Surgery approach captures this emotion reason connection which provides decision altering insights for Marketers.

Evidence Based

Present value baseline information is created in each survey and compared to a database of normative information offering clients real time evidence to support decisions.


Results must be predictive in order to help Marketers make key decisions. The Brain Surgery results are predictively valid. The output helps clients develop optimal marketing strategy elements (positioning, benefit ladders, message input, message output) and inform execution.

Efficient Hybrid Approach

Quantitative data with the color and context of Qualitative data, provided in one study in 4-6 weeks. The decision making information needed with color and content of in one study to delivers what often takes 4 to 5 studies which adds up to a significant overall time advantage.


Delivered 4 weeks from when the survey is launched in the US and 6 to 8 weeks for findings and final report outside the US. Testing studies are delivered two weeks after launching the study in the US and 3 to 5 weeks outside the US.

They have helped us position and launch a number of very important brands. Their tools are very accurate, innovative and easy to work with and they now have psychologists in over 29 countries. I often like to say that they offer: ``Innovation you can trust and Innovation that is validated``. They are good partners to have on your team.
Brain Surgery's work uncovers the role of emotions, which is very different from other methods. It truly gave us the answer and their results are easy to use. Not only do they stick with you and hold workshops, I've even had them out in the field with my reps. They are superior and a large reason our brand has grown
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